Living Room Concert Series Sign-up

Interested in having Rachael come play a concert in YOUR living room? Great!  It will truly be a night you’ll never forget.  Rachael has been looking for a new way to get up close & personal with her fans.  So get ready, she’s coming to your house!!  Host a dinner party or a potluck, invite your friends, family or just fellow fans, and then sit back and enjoy an intimate night of songs & stories.  There will be laughter, there will be tears, beautiful music, and compelling dialogue.  It is an enchanting night with friends.  You get to see and know Rachael Lampa like never before.  So, here are the basic details: the cost is $20 per person with a minimum of 20 paying attendees (if, for example, there are 25 people there, the cost is $500).  Now here is the deal, you can ask your guests to contribute to that, collect it at the door OR you can host the night as a gift to them, throw a special party for your friends and simply cover the cost yourself.  For the concert portion, Rachael typically plays a one hour show (unless you are REALLY nice to her, and then she plays longer!!) Beyond that, the night is totally up to you.  You can have a little intermission to break up the music part, have a question & answer time, you can keep the party going after the music, or have guests leave as soon as the concert ends.  It is YOUR night!  The possibilities are endless!  Spots will go fast so sign up today!

6 Responses To  “Living Room Concert Series Sign-up”
  • Emily Miller

    When is Rachael available to play this year? Or where can I get tickets for when she will be in the Michigan/Indiana area?

  • Bill Lohrenz

    I contacted Brendan about having Rachael come and perform at the church I attend, but unfortunately that may not take place until 2014. I saw Rachael at Harmony on the Bay this past Saturday & volunteered in the merchandise tent & was able to work at Rachael’ s table, so I was able to meet her briefly. I woulld love to have her come to WI for the Living Room Series, but it says the dates are from Sept. 18th – Oct 18th & they appear to be filled up. Is it possible to have Rachael come to WI in Nov or any time for the Living Room Series at my home?

    Bill Lohrenz

  • Gaylon Tyner

    I wanted to inquire about availablity for Rachael. I know its a long shot and late notice. We live in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our news station announced that our Food Bank that provides food for needy families during the holidays (as well as year round) has a shortage this year on funds to buy food. I thought what a fun idea it would be to have Rachael come perform and help me help them. I am a technical director for a local church. We could use the sanctuary and we seat about 500 (I believe). If this is possible, could you send me fees and information. I know the living room series is over but was kind of going off of that information. My daughters and I (who love Rachael) would really like to do something to help the Food Bank. thank you. Hope to hear back.

  • Sher


    I love your music. God has truly blessed you. I opened my brand new salon in Toronto. Your music has touched the lives of many clients who come to my salon. Some who have lost the faith in God.I would love to invite them to one of your concerts.
    Are you coming to Toronto to perform in Canada?

  • Lori

    I was introduced to your music a year ago when you performed at my church Mission Hills in Highlands Ranch,CO. My husband purchase all of your CD’s aftert your performance and within a week I knew each song by heart :)
    I am looking forward to having you perform at Mission Hills once again so that other will fall in love with your beautiful voice and songs.
    When will you be back in CO?

  • Michael Tamburello

    Rachael and Brendan joined myself, Taylor Mesple’ and others for a memorable evening at Cherokee Ranch & Castle in a benefit concert for the victims of the Aurora theatre tragedy this past October. As headliners for our event, it was a sheer delight for all who attended that finished off her tour in style! We look forward to having her back again here soon in Colorado where she has a plethora fans!

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